Medical Direction – Shadowing Program

Medical Direction offers an opportunity for students interested in the medical field to shadow a doctor for a day at a hospital. This is a very good opportunity to get hands-on experience of what the doctor’s responsibilities entail. Students who have shadowed with us have expressed positive experiences.


“[This] was an incredible experience and I would really like to thank the Medical Direction Shadowing program for this opportunity as not many other schools allow aspiring medical students for this type of exposure.”

“[This] was one of my favourite shadowing experiences and definitely had a positive impact on my career aspirations.”

“Shadowing [the doctor] was an incredible experience! What I expected to be a 4-hour session in which I stand and watch from afar turned out to be an extremely interactive shadowing opportunity. Not only did [the doctor] make sure to explain what was happening at every step of the way, she made sure to explain things that made sense whether you were an undergraduate or one of the residents in the OR. … All in all, a really rewarding experience!”

“This was a very well-rounded experience as I got to follow the patient from start to finish, which made this shadowing session one of my most memorable.”

“Undoubtedly, the session today made my understanding of the medical profession better… All in all, I am so glad I applied to this opportunity, it redefined my passion for the profession.”

“The experience was very fulfilling and more extensive than I had expected. [Each] one of the staff was very friendly and accommodating. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would not hesitate to do it again. It’s great to have reassurance that the career path I’ve chosen is ideal for me.”

Shadowing can provide meaningful experiences to allow a person to make an educated decision on a medical career. It is a unique experience that goes beyond the typical classroom environment that allows one to to make important, lasting connections.

E-mail us your CV and letter of intent to shadow
*NOTE that the deadline for Fall semester shadowing is November 20, 2018