About Us

Welcome to MD 🙂

Medical Direction (MD) is the official pre-medical society of McGill University, supported by the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS). Our aim is to enhance the experiences of students interested in a career in healthcare so that they can make an informed and educated decision.

Medical Direction aims to enhance a student’s experience by hosting informative events and year-round opportunities. Initiatives includes a shadowing program with health care professionals and current medical students, mock-MMIs, informative speaker events, academic seminars, volunteer activities, and the annual Wine and Cheese. We strive to broaden all students’ perspective in healthcare by providing interactive, informative, and enriching experiences.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram. We are preparing many exciting events for you this year; follow/bookmark us to keep in touch!

The Executive Team (2020-2021)

Congratulations to our newest team members!

Savanah Haidar - U1 First Year Rep

Hey! My name is Savanah and I am a U1 Microbiology and Immunology student. I’m one of the First Year Reps on Medical Direction this year. My role is to keep all the first year students in the loop with all our amazing events and opportunities. I’m very excited to be working with such an amazing team and I hope to see everyone at our events. A fun fact about me is that I love to ski, travel and play volleyball.

Selen Calgin - U0 First Year Rep

Hi! I’m Selen and I’m a U0 student in the life sciences group. I’m super excited to be one of the First Year Reps for Medical Direction! My role consists of keeping the first years informed and updated on upcoming MD events and workshops. Usually, this would happen a lot more in person, but we’ll find new creative ways to advertise the events online. A little bit more about me: I love playing basketball and the guitar! 🙂 

Sasha Khouzam - Shadowing Committee

Hey! My name is Sasha Khouzam and I am a U2 Psychology Major. I’m a member of the shadowing committee for Medical Direction this year, which means that I will be conducting interviews for this committee and match students with doctors in Montreal hospitals for amazing experiences. A fun fact about me: I love rap music and fitness!

Other Members

Lintao Hu - Program Director

Hi everyone! I’m Lintao, and I am this year’s Program Director for Medical Direction. I’m really excited to work with my team this upcoming year to bring amazing opportunities to the student community. I can’t believe it was only 3 years ago that I started with Medical Direction as the first year representative. I’ve enjoyed delivering our programs and events, and meeting so many keen, passionate students. If you have any questions, suggestions for events, or wish to get involved, email us at medicaldirection@gmail.com. This year, we are adapting many of our activities online, including a healthcare and research symposium. Our team is developing new ways of bringing resources to you. Our door is always open so get in touch! A little bit more about me, I’m currently studying Microbiology and Immunology. In my spare time, I love running, trying new foods and playing the saxophone. Fun fact: my secret dream is to race on a real life mario kart track!

Melisa Eraslan - VP Academic

Hey everyone! I’m Melisa Eraslan, and I am the VP Academic for Medical Direction this year. My main roles in MD include updating the guidebook, planning out the MMIs and other similar events and delivering a medical podcast. This is my second year with MD and I am so excited to be back with such an amazing team to deliver our programs to students while highlighting the beauty of medicine. A little bit more about me: I study Anatomy and Cell Biology. I also love to play basketball, ski and kickbox!

Taylor Traaseth - VP Comm

Hey! My name is Taylor Traaseth and I am currently a U2 in Anatomy and Cell Biology. My role in Medical Direction is VP communications this year! I am responsible for the publicity of Medical Direction and I will be the one updating everyone about upcoming events we have planned through email and Facebook posts. If you have any questions regarding future events, please don’t hesitate to ask! A fun fact about me is that I love fly fishing and I have been doing it since I was 5 years old!

Shreya Mahasenan - VP External

Hi everyone! I’m Shreya Mahasenan, and I’m a VP External this year. I’m excited to work this year to bring together the community of healthcare-interested students at McGill as well as help connect you with all the resources you need. Suggestions are always welcome! A little bit about me: I’m entering my second year as an Anatomy and Cell Biology major, with a just-for-fun minor in Political Science. I  also love neurology and am working on a project to try and develop a concussion diagnosis device. In my spare time, I love to play hockey, sing, play guitar, and write.

Haashim Farooq - VP External

Hey everyone! My name is Haashim Farooq, (though most people just call me ash) and I am a VP External for Medical direction this year (yay).  I am excited to work towards showcasing the beauty of medicine to the Mcgillian community via events and other fun activities. I love to run, play guitar and rock climb. Hope to see you guys at all the events. 


Rawan Karam - VP internal

Hey you! My name is Rawan Karam and I'm a U1 physics student. I'm so excited to be your VP internal this year! Mainly, my job is to organize the MD exec team and ensure that the planning and execution of our events are on track. A little about me: During quarantine, I took up learning the piano, but other than those (barely) 30 minutes, I spend my time procrastinating and watching netflix.

Anissa Hobeika - Shadowing Co-Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Anissa, a physiology student, and I’m one of the shadowing co-chairs this year. I oversee the Shadowing Program by reviewing applications and matching approved applicants with shadow doctors, offering opportunities in a number of different specialties like plastic surgery, oncology and more! If you would like to know more about our program and/or want to apply, please send us an email at md.shadowing@gmail.com! A (not so) Fun Fact about me is that I’m allergic to my favourite fruit- the mango 🙁 .

Daniel Phillips - Shadowing Committee

Hey! My name is Daniel Phillips and I am a U1 Neuroscience major. I’m a member of the shadowing committee for Medical Direction this year, which means it’s my job to conduct interviews and help match up students with doctors at our local hospitals for amazing shadowing opportunities. A fun fact about me: I love to snowboard, so catch me on the slopes this winter!

Sanskruti Patel -Shadowing Committee

Hi! My name is Sanskruti and I am entering the third year of my Anatomy & Cell Biology program. I'm part of the Shadowing Committee on MD this year which means I'll be helping to conduct interviews for our shadowing program which connects students to doctors at hospitals in Montreal for some amazing learning experiences! I love taking long morning runs, hiking, and music so any recommendations would always be appreciated!�

Tasha Miller - Shadowing Commitee

Hello! My name is Tasha and I study Neuroscience. On MD, I’m a member of the Shadowing Committee which means I help conduct interviews for our shadowing program and the ICU Bridge Program. Both programs offer great opportunities to shadow physicians so I hope to see you all in interviews 😉  A fun fact about me is that I LOVE to travel so if you have any destination recommendations or interesting travel experiences I’m all ears!

Charlotte Zhang - Volunteering Chair

Hi everyone! I am Charlotte Zhang and I am part of Medical Direction as volunteering chair this year. I’m very excited to get involved in the pre-med community by help connecting interested students to volunteering opportunities in the medical-related institutions in the Montreal area. Please contact us through: md.volunteering@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering in hospitals or if you would like to know more about us 😊 I love music and singing – let me know if you have any music suggestions! 😀


Henriette Hegedus - Volunteering Committee

Hey you 🌸 ! My name is Henriette and I’m a U2 nursing student. I’m excited to be a member of the volunteering committee for this interestingly strange year! Part of my role is to interview applicants that are interested in being involved in the healthcare field. My goal is to have a fun time with you so get ready for some unexpected questions. I want to know more than just your field of study. Little spicy detail: I’m Hungarian and Romanian and my last name, “Hegedűs”, means violin in Hungarian. Although, my music skills are pretty bad. I’m much more of an athletic person since I’m passionate about running, hikes and I’m open for trying out new sports.

Farah Ali - Volunteering Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Farah Ali and I am a U1 Biochemistry major. I am on the Volunteering Committee for Medical Direction this year, and I can’t wait to work closely with students looking for volunteer opportunities in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. I believe that volunteering experience is very valuable and a great way to gain more exposure to the medical field! During my first year, I have spent most of my Friday afternoons volunteering at the MNI and would love to help students find their perfect fit! I also enjoy playing basketball, baking, and practicing flute, although my twin sister might not quite appreciate my at-home concerts 🙂

Selin Bilgic - Volunteering Committee

Hey everyone! I’m Selin and I’m a U2 in Anatomy and Cell Biology! I’m a part of the volunteering committee for Medical Direction this year and we’re here to help you find amazing volunteering opportunities in various health-related institutions. If you have any questions about volunteering this year, feel free to contact us at md.volunteering@gmail.com or you could probably just find me at Chatime! Fun fact: I love art :)) Even if that means drawing things for anat…

Pauline Swen Chow - VP IT

Hi, I’m Pauline Swen and am handling IT and graphics this year – from posters to MD’s website itself – I will be updating it throughout this year :). Meanwhile, I’ll be finishing up my architecture degree as I explore Montreal to the fullest during my final year. Please do contact me at anytime through our Facebook if you have any suggestions for this website, as it is made for you!