The Executive Team (2018-2019)

Sunny Jeong – Program Director

Hi Everyone!! My name is Sunny Jeong, and I am this year’s Program Director for Medical Direction. As the Program Director I oversee all the planning and execution of the events we hold out for all of you! I hope to integrate new events and opportunities this year. In addition, I hope that my amazing executive team and I can inspire and motivate all of you to pursue a career in healthcare. If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to email me at! I started as the FYR in Medical Direction 4 years ago (Cue Drake), and every year I absolutely loved providing resources to healthcare for the McGill community—so really, send me any questions and/or concerns! Aside from all of that formality, here are a couple of fun things about me! I grew up in Los Angeles, California, but moved to the GTA when I was 10~ OU! I used to have a pet hedgehog, named Sonic (heh).

Hi guys! I a U2 neuroscience, and I’m VP internal of medical direction. Through the club I hope to spread the idea that applying to medicine is really a process of exploration. Keep an open mind, try different things and see which fits you. There are so many exciting opportunities around McGill, and we are here to make sure you don’t miss out.

Gavin Cui – VP Internal

Marie-Geo Sato – VP External

Hey friends!! My name is Marie-Geo (although I haven’t heard that name since I was a baby), but I go by MG. My position in Medical Direction is VP external, which role is basically in the name; delegating the logistics for our events. A fun fact is that I was a competitive figure skater up until last year!

I’m Isaiah Williams, and I’m one of VP Externals of Medical Direction! I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and I’m currently in U1 physiology. As one of the VP Externals, it’s my job to liaise and correspond with groups and individuals outside of the MD team. Fun fact: I go to McGill

Isaiah Williams – VP External

Jasmine Rocci – VP Academics

Hey! I’m Jasmine and I’m VP Academics for this year. In my role, I gather information about medical schools (check out the guidebook on our website!), create podcasts once a semester with a doctor, and of course help out the MD team! One fun fact about me: I LOVE to dance to latin/island/indian etc. (although I’m not the best LOL) and love music in general, so if you have any good song recommendations, please hmu~~ (Except for heavy metal… no hate <3)

Hey everyone! I’m Carrie and I’m the VP Communications of MD. I manage all of our club’s outward communication, so I’m usually the one who writes the Facebook posts and emails as well as coordinate the publicity of MD’s events. Fun fact (or not so fun): I’ve never won a single game of Mario Kart in my life 🙁

Carrie Rong – VP Communications

Monica Taing – VP IT

Hey! My name is Monica Taing. I enjoy creating graphics and designing the website as VP IT of Medical Direction. One fun fact about me is that I am font obsessed (my favourite font is Calibri & Times New Roman). I also love to swim, play music, and go outdoors. Reach out to to me if you have any font/music/outdoor suggestions! : )

Hey friends! My name is Monique Morin and I’m this year’s shadowing director. I primarily look over applications with the help of the shadowing committee and connect approved applicants to shadow doctors in a specialty of their interest. A Fun fact about me is that half my News Feed is just posts from the Dogspotting page. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any inquiries about the shadowing program (or the dogspotting page)

Monique Morin – Shadowing Director

Katya Peri – Shadowing Committee

Hi there! My name is Katya and this year I joined the Medical Direction Team as part of the Shadowing Committee where I conduct interviews to match students up with doctors for awesome shadowing experiences. A fun fact about me: I am a huge Harry Potter fan and can beat anyone at Harry Potter trivia. Hope to see you all in interviews!

Hey everyone! My name is Lintao and I’m on the shadowing committee for medical direction. We offer an amazing hands on opportunity to shadow a physician for a day. As a member of the shadowing committee, we conduct interviews with interested applicants. A fun fact about me: I love coconut water and passion fruit green tea

Lintao Hu – Shadowing Committee

Luc Wilson – Shadowing Committee

Hi, my name is Luc Wilson, and I am a shadowing committee member for Medical Direction. I help facilitate interviews with candidates for our shadowing program, as well as the McGill candidates for the ICU Bridge Program. When I’m not entrenched in studies, I’m probably playing chess.

Hi all! My name is William Patterson and I am the current Volunteering Director for Medical Direction. I am the liaison between the students that apply for volunteering through medical direction and the hospitals we are affiliated with. I also schedule interviews between whoever is interested in volunteering with us and members of our Volunteering Committee! If you have any questions about the process or our opportunities, don’t hesitate to email me! Fun Fact: I drink minimum 4 coffees a day so I will always be up to answer your questions!

William Patterson – Volunteering Director

Kerise Clarke – Volunteering Committee

Hi there! My name is Kerise Clarke and I am in the volunteering committee. It is my first year with Medical Direction and I am super pumped! Volunteering in a hospital is a great way for exposure to the medical field and I have love doing it! a fun fact about me is that I LOVEEE to bake!

What I do: I Interview prospective volunteers for volunteering placements in a variety of different hospitals and health-related institutions in Montréal. I Work closely with students to guide them to a volunteering placement which facilities their preferences and time commitments.

Fun fact: I love playing all kinds of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and snowboarding!

Aleks Mihic – Volunteering Committee

Yazan Abu Yousef – Volunteering Committee

My name is Rachel Murphy and I’m one of the first year representatives this year. Myself and Elizabeth will be working together to promote Medical Direction’s events to other first year students. A fun fact about myself is that I am a speed skater!

Rachel Murphy – First Year Rep

Elizabeth Segreti

My name is Elizabeth Segreti and I’ll be working this year as one of the First Year Representatives for Medical Direction! I’ll mainly be doing all I can to reach first years, like me, and encourage them to get involved in the awesome events that Medical Direction organizes. A little fun fact about me is that I did ballet for 10 years before I started doing sports instead!