The Executive Team

Meet your 2018-2019 executive team members

» Program Director: Sunny Jeong

» VP External: MG Sato

» VP External: Isaiah Williams

» VP Internal: Gavin Cui
Hi guys! I a U2 neuroscience, and I’m VP internal of medical direction. Through the club I hope to spread the idea that applying to medicine is really a process of exploration. Keep an open mind, try different things and see which fits you. There are so many exciting opportunities around McGill, and we are here to make sure you don’t miss out.

» VP Academic: Jasmine Rocci

» VP Communications: Carrie Rong

» VP IT: Monica T
Hey everyone, my name is Monica. As a part of Medical Direction, I hope to share helpful, informative events to you to broaden your perspective in medicine. You can find some of these resources regularly updated on this site and around the McGill campus. In my spare time, I like to design, swim, and go outdoors.

» Shadowing Director: Monique Morin

» Shadowing Committee: Lintao Hu

» Shadowing Committee: Katya Peri
Katya joined the MD Shadowing Committee in April 2018. Apart from her love of anatomical sciences and biology, she also enjoys playing the piano, dancing ballet and getting lost in a really good book.

» Shadowing Committee: Luc Wilson

» Volunteering Director: William Patterson

» Volunteering Committee: Aleks Mihic

» Volunteering Committee: Kerise Clarke

» Volunteering Committee: Yazan Abu Yousef